Mistaken Path

I am here but I am gone, Waiting for new time to dawn. One without so many cares, One with less burdens to bear. I am here but I am not, A memory of what I was taught. Like a faded withered tree, Only a figment of what use to be. Will I grow toContinue reading “Mistaken Path”


Once Upon A Time

I sat in my car that gray stricken day and watched drops of water speckle the windshield then collect into tiny puddles. They slid down the glass, like shooting stars, gathering their friends along the way. My mind unable to shake our earlier conversation. “I want a divorce; I don’t love you the way IContinue reading “Once Upon A Time”


Sunlight streams in signaling the beginning of a new day. Every day is the same You are everything to me and I bound myself to you I made the links myself, locked the locks, and threw away the key I wanted freedom, but chose chains Naively bound by doing what is “right” My heart screams,Continue reading “Sunlight”