Before the words were said

Before the feeling faded

Before the first touch

The first dance

The first kiss

The first born

My hand was on the door

I let the devil win the game

Thinking it was all in my head

but the battle had been fought and lost in a single breath

The words escaped my lips before I could pull them back in

I was already gone

Perhaps I was the coward

the selfish one

Giving myself the out

or was I brave?

Admitting it was over

accepting that nothing else could be done

I rang the bell

it can’t be un-rung

Some words inspire

Some words build empires

Some lie

Some tell truths

but those words

the ones that escaped my lips

My words

destroyed a family.



Published by sarcasticallycynical

Hmm! Let's see.I live in Texas born to two human parents (According to my birth certificate) and have three siblings that are nothing like me. I'm an artist and writer. I've lived a lot and learned a lot in my short life and although I lean more towards the pessimistic there is always room to change my sometimes too small tainted heart ;p

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