Against the Grain

There’s shame in my resentment.

It burrows its way back into my heart and mind, if I let it.

WHEN I let it.

Like tendrils they pierce the flesh of every thought

as every negative memory of you plays on repeat in my head.

The warnings were there all along.

Love shouldn’t be a constant challenge.

A relentless going against the grain.

I knew so little of love.

How was I suppose to know.

With you, it always had been.

Our love was the undertow that pulled me beneath the waves and battered me.

Constantly pushing me through the molds you made for me.

Ripping away the portion that didn’t suit your needs.

Every time, a little less myself than I was before.



Published by sarcasticallycynical

Hmm! Let's see.I live in Texas born to two human parents (According to my birth certificate) and have three siblings that are nothing like me. I'm an artist and writer. I've lived a lot and learned a lot in my short life and although I lean more towards the pessimistic there is always room to change my sometimes too small tainted heart ;p

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