Erroneous Feelings

Erroneous feelings
Confusion, not grief
Just mixed up what would be’s
Wrapped in disbelief

Chaotic day spinning
Around me again
A mix of emotions
Not sure where or when

My head here is pounding
Underneath my skull
Not sure how I get through
The thick of it all

Children now sleep
Comfortably in their beds
No worry, no danger
Just dreams in their heads

We long to be children
They long to be grown
So many questions
All answers unknown

Can’t quiet the voices
Perpetually droning
Can’t stop the writing
Ink keeps on flowing



Published by sarcasticallycynical

Hmm! Let's see.I live in Texas born to two human parents (According to my birth certificate) and have three siblings that are nothing like me. I'm an artist and writer. I've lived a lot and learned a lot in my short life and although I lean more towards the pessimistic there is always room to change my sometimes too small tainted heart ;p

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