A Moment

It envelops me


I just want to be alone

Not always

Just moments

A moment alone

A moment when I am not exhausted and unable to think

A moment for just me and silence, a friend I rarely see anymore.

A moment for my thoughts to creep out

from dusty corners of my mind and stretch.

Just a moment

A moment to breathe

A moment when my name is not being called

A moment austerity has passed, a sigh of relief finally escapes

A moment to address the restless fears

I have held at bay far too long


I just want to be alone

and release the hindering restraint that is

my life.



Published by sarcasticallycynical

Hmm! Let's see.I live in Texas born to two human parents (According to my birth certificate) and have three siblings that are nothing like me. I'm an artist and writer. I've lived a lot and learned a lot in my short life and although I lean more towards the pessimistic there is always room to change my sometimes too small tainted heart ;p

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